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A broker to broker commercial real estate marketing system. Free to list your property but only Brokers see it. If you’re looking to market to end buyers, use other resources. End users do not have access to the information in this system unless they subscribe.
A broker to consummer marketing and advertising system. Not free to list, but free to browse for property and contact the listing broker.
A broker to consummer marketing and advertising system. Not free to list, but free to browse for property and contact the listing broker.

A Realtor® Only resource.

Property Reach
Commercial Property Data

Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering a complete solution that offers unparalleled transparency and clarity through a unified source of comprehensive data. Our goal is to empower individuals and businesses, with the tools and information needed to make well-informed decisions with confidence. We are committed to simplifying complex information and capabilities, leveling the playing field, and providing everyone the competitive edge they need in today’s data-driven world.

About PropertyReach

Welcome to PropertyReach, your gateway to unlocking a wealth of premium property and ownership insights. We empower Investors, Agents, Brokers, Lenders & Home Service Professionals to find motivated property owners, engage with an array of marketing capabilities, and have access to the most up to date information to make informed decisions. Founded by industry veterans with specialized expertise in both people and real estate data, our mission is to bring transparency and clarity to the real estate landscape. We understand that navigating the complexities of property data can be overwhelming, and that’s why we provide the most powerful tools in the industry, ensuring your journey towards success is supported every step of the way.

Our comprehensive database provides you with access to an extensive range of data, including detailed information on over 156 million properties and demographic as well as contact details for over 240 million individuals. Explore current and historical ownership records, deeds/sales, mortgages, pre-foreclosures, liens, permits, and much more. Whether you’re interested in property characteristics, owner demographics, available equity, or situational data, we’ve got all your informational needs covered. PropertyReach stands as the ultimate single source for comprehensive real estate data. Our team of experts have curated PropertyReach to provide a wealth of the most up to date information in one powerful platform, to simplify the journey to making well-informed decisions and discover new opportunities or mitigate potential risk in the dynamic realm of real estate. Start exploring PropertyReach today!

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