About LICN

  • The LI Commercial Network Inc. aka LICN, consists of members who offer their commercial real estate professional services to the public, investors, commercial property owners, managers and landlords by assisting them source property, place tenants or represent their interest in buying, selling or leasing their property.

  • The network hosts a monthly business meeting which brings our members together either face to face and/or via Zoom.  Our unique meeting format is strictly an education, marketing and networking session. Our group meeting averages 35-50 attendees and is growing each month.

  • We act as a gathering point for commercial real estate brokers, agents, investors and aligned professionals who seek a focal point for marketing their property or sharing their customer/client sales, lease and investment goals.  The network provides tools that facilitate allowing its’ members to post their property HAVEs for sale online to the public, as well as post their property or business WANTs to attract purchase and sale opportunities for their customers or clients. 

    Although pre-registration is required, there are no restrictions to attend our monthly meetings, nor are there any restrictions to membership in the group other than some affiliation to or affinity for some aspect of commercial real estate.

Objectives of the LICN

  • To unite professionals who have an interest in investment and commercial property,
  • To provide meetings and curated forums to exchange views, information and general knowledge of commercial real estate,
  • To encourage and facilitate cooperation among professionals engaged in marketing commercial and investment property,
  • To foster sound, prudent and ethical practices as they relate to marketing commercial and investment real estate,
  • To foster and develop a knowledgeable membership through continuing education,
  • To promote and maintain high standards of conduct in the commercial real estate profession,
  • To act as focal point and repository for relevant commercial real estate tools and information valuable to its’ membership.

Networking and Marketing Sessions

  • LICN meetings are all business. We don’t discuss politics or religion nor do we tolerate disruption or unprofessional behavior.
  • Meetings are held every month, usually on the 4th Tuesday.
  • Networking and Breakfast begin at 8:00 am.  At 8:15 am, our education and marketing program begins. We usually have a guest speaker or panel discussing some aspect directly related to the commercial property market or helping members build their business or develop new skills.  Each attendee is offered time to introduce themselves and spotlight their business or  to present the properties they are co-brokering (HAVEs) and their clients’ requirements (WANTs). There is a table on which members may provide informational fliers on their properties, industry or business with an expectation of 50 attendees.


We are now actively seeking sponsors.  Please see our Sponsor page for more information.

Where To Find Us

Facebook.com – Our facebook page is our official page where we post the latest information.  Check the event calendar for the next meeting or zoom.
On Zoom – Check our Facebook page for the latest information and event calendar. Meeting Registration is required.
At The Diner – We’ll be meeting at the OnParade Diner in Woodbury which is located at 7980 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY 11797.
There is ample parking. When you enter, walk to your right and then take a left into the back room.   

Google Map https://goo.gl/maps/6n75oAK47YPobji57

Waze Map Waze Location

The diner phone number is +1 (516) 364-1870